Statement EES President Dr Ingo Friedrich, November 21, 2022

The two worst missteps in politics are: "My country first!" (Which actually means: Only my own country counts) and the widespread longing for one's own past greatness: "Make America.... Britain... Russia...China...Italy "great again!"

In reality, both attitudes harm one’s own country and of course also harm the community of states, because the selfishness of the first attitude very quickly leads to countermeasures by the other states, which then also act selfishly (have to); and the longing for the great past very quickly causes upheavals a la Brexit and threats to world peace a la Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan.

In addition, it leads to an additional division in society into those who want a "colorful" future and those who long for the earlier (orderly) conditions again. A devastating signal in such a heated situation is of course the taking down of crucifixes and the covering of Christian texts in Germany.

What needs to be done:

States and nations must work together more closely than before at all levels. Concrete example: Scholz has to take the time to talk to the partners before important decisions and to explain his plans.

And: The superpowers in particular must be asked: What are you doing to stabilize the world? Where is your contribution to the global common good? Your egoism leads to dire consequences and harms yourself in the long run.

And: We must work on a new common future narrative, for example: We want a world of solidarity in which the dignity of every state is respected and which works together for the benefit of all. A common goal also reduces divisions in society.

On a smaller scale, Europe has already taken some steps towards such a goal and now it is time to take similar steps on a global scale. At the same time, Europe must make further progress, particularly in the following areas: European Defense Community, European climate protection, fewer unanimity requirements.